Sivacon S8 – Ship – Power distribution boards and motor control centers for ships and oil platforms

With the worldwide available SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard – an integral part of the concept of Totally Integrated Power – you are always on the safe side, even under the harsh conditions of application on the seven seas.

Certification by renowned classification societies confirms its suitability for installation on ships and offshore platforms. In conjunction with its design verified components, it offers maximum safety at sea.


• Certifications for application on ships and offshore platforms
• Safety for human beings and plants by means of tests according to IEC 61439-2
• High flexibility due to innovative modular design system

Certifications for application on ships and offshore platforms

The conditions of application on the high seas are a special challenge for switchboards: Besides the saline atmosphere with a high air humidity, this is particularly due to enhanced mechanical stress. First of all, this refers to the longitudinal and transverse accelerations by the motion of the ship due to the swell. Another permanent stress results from the vibrations of the ship‘s drives. SIVACON S8 switchboards are perfectly set to meet these challenges.

For application on ships and offshore platforms, SIVACON S8 was given the necessary certifications from renowned international classification societies under hand and seal.


Design verification with tests

The SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard offers safety for human beings and plants thanks to the design verification with tests according to IEC 61439-2.
The physical properties are dimensioned at the testing laboratory for both operation and failure situations, thus leading to a maximum degree of safety for people and plant.
Design verifications as well as routine verifications are a decisive part of quality assurance, and the prerequisite for CE marking according to the EC guidelines and laws.