OF THE 1980s.

60 years of excellence!

Excerpt from the study “REALIZATIONS IN THE ROMANIAN ROBOTICS OF THE 1980s”, authors Eng. Emil STUDINEANU Dr. Ing. Ovidiu Popovici-Vlad. Published in PROCEEDINGS OF 4TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ROBOTICS November 13-14, 2008, Brasov, Romania.

If the beginning of the Romanian robotics “occurred” much later than on the world level (1979) instead the 80s were characterized by a special effervescence throughout the entire field of robotics, from fundamental research to industrial applications and even the construction of robots with performances quite close to those known at the time.

In Romania, the researches for the production of industrial serial robots were started in 1979 by Automatica S.A. together with the Institute of Design for Automation (IPA) and the Institute of Research and Design for Machine Tools “Titan” that have materialized by making three types of industrial robots: RIS-63 with hydraulic actuation in spherical coordinates, RIC-25 with electric drive in cylindrical coordinates, RIP-6,3 with electric drive in polar coordinates. Of these, the RIP-6,3 robot produced by Automatica S.A. has been particularly successful, being implemented in many industrial applications: continuous welding, spot welding, machine tool servicing, handling. The research teams led by Dan Cosmin, Eng. Paul Orbesteanu, Eng. Stefan Frustok, Eng. D. Bruda, Eng. A. Moanga were confirmed the success of the RIP-6,3 robot by awarding the “Traian Vuia Award” of the Romanian Academy in 1983.

The researches in the field of robotics carried out between 1979-1992 created the premise of making in Romania some avant-garde products at that time, comparable in performance with those of the world level, despite the deficient material base and the low reliability of the components from which they were made. Specialists were trained in the multidisciplinary field of robotics and specializations were created in universities in the field of robotics in order to institutionalize future specialists. Automatica S.A. established itself as a center of excellence that trained and stimulated robotics specialists, to create and build high performance robots and their applications, despite the shortcomings regarding the material and information base of that period.

Today, Automatica specialists with the latest ABB technologies continue the story started 40 years ago. We find their effort in modern robots integrated in arc welding cells, with a synchronized external axis and two synchronous external axes made at Automatica S.A. for the most demanding industries.

Content and images by courtesy of Mr. Eng. Emil Studineanu.

RIP 6,3 robot made at Automatica S.A.
RIP 6,3 robot - welding application
Application of palletizing aluminum ingots with RIP 63 robot and CONTROL-R system.