CEMS Group

CEMS Group

In 2018, the Automatica business was taken over by the CEMS Group. An extensive modernization program is put into play to meet the increasing requirements of customers and the need to develop products and solutions keeping up with the pace of technological change. The foundation of development will maintain the values that have been cultivated for decades: concern for quality, reliability and customer focus.

CEMS EPC SA concentrates the competences of the group, for the development of complex engineering, procurement and contracting projects.

A rigorous project management and top flight technical skills are a guarantee of performance, from feasibility studies to implementation itself.



Bartec Safety Engineering SRL was established based on the partnership with the German group Bartec, one of the world leaders in technologies for environments with an explosion risk.

The technology of the German group, combined with the expertise of the CEMS group, results in a range of advantages for Romanian customers, such as customized solutions and technical support, promptly provided by the local team.


Automatica SA concentrates decades of experience in electrical engineering, automation, industrial robots and dosing and weighing systems, its products being found in almost all major industrial projects in Romania, being also appreciated and recognized internationally.

Reducing operating costs, increasing operational safety and reliability, process digitization, and not last, a reduced environmental impact, are our customers’ concerns and, implicitly, AUTOMATICA’s priorities in configuring products and services.

Reliability. Efficiency. Performance

Three core values make up the foundation of a dynamic enterprise, geared toward accomplishing the most innovative goals. More than a mission statement, those values materialize into clear objectives, carefully crafted technical solutions from our experienced engineers and, most importantly, successful projects.