On February 18, 1960, the Council of Ministers of the Romanian People’s Republic adopts the decision no. 147 regarding the establishment of the company “Automatica” in order to develop a national supplier of equipment for industry automation.

“In order to achieve the high pace necessary for the development of industry, construction, agriculture and transport in the coming years, as well as for ease of working conditions with the considerable increase in labor productivity […], it is set up in Bucharest, within the Ministry of Heavy Industry, the state-owned industrial enterprise Automatica “.

This will have as main attributions the groundwork of automation projects, technological processes, machines and aggregates of all the industrial branches, the delivery of complete equipments of automation as well as the execution of the respective subassemblies within its own workshops  – panels, desks, control tables – execution of the main assembly, the adjustment and commissioning, verification, regular adjustment and training of the personnel who will serve these equipment.

Automatica has grown alongside the Romanian industry and has played a major role in its development. Many innovative equipments resulting from the efforts of the research departments have been and are still internationally recognized. Automatica’s history has shown that the innovative spirit has survived the ages and the transformations. Challenging Industry 4.0 is a new stage built on a solid foundation.

Happy Birthday, Automatica!

Excerpt from the decision no. 147 of the Council of Ministers of the Romanian People's Republic, 18.02.1960.
Extract from the press of the time - the process of nationalization.