Automatica S.A. is a company with tradition, continuously developing and modernizing, that produces low and medium voltage electrical equipment for the production, transportation, distribution and consumption of electrical energy.

The position Automatica gained in 60 years of activity on the national and international market is mainly the result of the continuous investments not only in the latest technologies but also in its staff. We are accustomed to setting and achieving ambitious goals. We owe our results primarily to our team of professionals and to the large investments Automatica has made throughout the years.


› Reliability and security
› Technological advantage
› Quality / cost ratio optimization
› Integrated route from design to commissioning
› Support throughout the product life cycle
› Professional teams


Design, production and support services:
› Medium voltage electrical equipment
› Low voltage electrical equipment
› Complex automation systems
› Industrial weighing and dosing installations
› Industrial robots


Energy production: thermal, hydro, nuclear
Utilities: electricity transmission and distribution,
water and sewerage networks
Industries: steel, petrochemical, building materials, machine tool manufacturing, food and so on
Transport: subway and railways
Agriculture: farms, irrigation infrastructure and so on
Tertiary: research centers, civil engineering