Automatica’s policy, mission, vision and main objectives



AUTOMATICA’s HSEQ Policy is about delivering high quality products/ services, harmonization of company interests with environmental requirements  and carrying out activities aimed at improving health and safety, in conformity with standards SR EN ISO 9001:2015, SR EN ISO 14001:2015 şi SR ISO 45001:2018 (OHSAS 18001:2008 requirements).



AUTOMATICA has taken on the mission of continually improving the quality of its products in order to satisfy all customers and increase the turnover. 



The long-term goal of AUTOMATICA is to become the market leader in automation and distribution equipment in Romania.


The MAIN OBJECTIVES  set by Automatica’s management are:

·         The HSEQ Policy is communicated to all staff , it is applied, understood and maintained to all levels, and is also available to the public;

·         Understanding and satisfying the needs and expectations of customers , so that 5% fewer complaints are registered annually than the previous year;

·         reduction of technological losses of raw material with about 3% per year;

·         preventing the occurrence of non-conformities in the realization of equipments/ services made by us, in this sens aiming to reduce by 5% the non-conformities every year;

·         obtaining the quality of our equipments/ services at an optimal price through the efficient use of technological and human resources;  

·         maintaining and expanding the market segments;  

·         knowledge of the legal and regulatory requirements regarding quality, environment, health and safety applicable to equipments, services and processes from AUTOMATICA;

·         ensuring an organisational system that allows the evaluation of the environmental performance , in order to avoid any environmental incident;

·         prevention of pollution by monitoring pollutant emissions and proper waste management;

·         ensuring the necessary resources, especially siutable qualified personnel;

·         consultation of employees and their involvement in decision making;

·         ensuring the proper working conditions so no incident per year should be recorded.


The Management of the organisation is committed to:   

·         Carry out its activity in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as with other requirements regarding the quality of products/ services, the environmental aspects and the risks of accidents/ occupational diseases.

·         Continuously improve the efficiency of processes and environmental performance, in particular by adopting measures to prevent pollution.

·         Develop programs for the prevention of environmental pollution and programs for prevention of accidents and occupational diseases.

·         Comply with legal requirements in HSE field, as well as those in nuclear field according to CNCAN Norms/2003:

o    The activities and processes regarding the realization of products destined for nuclear objectives and installations are carried out under controlled conditions, based on documented procedures.

o     AUTOMATICA is able to demonstrate the professional qualification, by functions, of the personnel involved, its knowledge of the nuclear safety requirements, as well as the probity of the persons who have the authority to make decisions in the management of processes that compete in the realisation of the products destined to nuclear field.

o    In the nuclear field, the documents requested for approval by the client/ beneficiary through the purchase order accepted by AUTOMATICA, are subject to its approval.


The HSEQ manager, as a representative of the management, ensures that the necessary integrated management system processes are established, implemented and maintained, in general and in specific cases of the nuclear field, throughout the period of these activities.  


We take responsibility for the risks and the legal liability in accordance with the legal regulations in force.  


Julieta-Corina TRUICĂ