Automatica, the oldest manufacturer of electrical and automation equipment in Romania, has carried out the most complex projects locally and internationally. The experience of our specialists has been applied over time and will be further infused in the development of technologically advanced equipment and services for a wide range of fields of activity. Partnerships with top equipment suppliers such as Siemens, Bartec, Hubbell, Phoenix Contact and many others, guarantee reliability, operational safety and especially the trust granted, attributes that underpin any project, product or service offered by Automatica.

Locally we pride with of hundreds of large-scale projects in diverse industries along with strong partners. We only mention a few of them, the list being very rich.

Nuclear  – Unit 1 and Unit 2 control rooms – Cernavodă power plant, Romag Drobeta Turnu Severin,

Energy  – Thermo powerplants: Progresul, Sud, Constanța, Craiova, Pitești, Ploiești, Rovinari, Suceava, hydroelectric powerplants: Portile de Fier,

Mining  – CNL Oltenia,

Siderurgy – ArcelorMittal, CS Hunedoara, Tepro,

Chemical – Danubiana, Policolor, Borzești, Romcarbon, Nitramonia,

Petrochemicals – Petrom, Shell, Petrotel,

Tansportation – International Otopeni Airport, Metrorex, RATB, Petrotrans, ROCAR, Romtrans,

Automotive – Automobile Dacia, UNIO, WTS,

Machinery – Faur, Griro, Șantierul naval Daewoo,

Agriculture – Avicola Brașov, Silotrans Constanța, Sirexim Slatina,

Constructions equipment– Arcom, Trustul Carpați, Jandarmerie, SRI, Presidential Administration,

Food – Gourmet, Salcom, Ulvex, European Drinks, Ultex,

Construction materials – Cedru & Melon, Lafarge Ciment, Elpreco, Holcim.

And many more…

In parallel with the technological innovations intended for the local industries, special attention has been paid to the markets abroad. The sustained effort to promote Automatica’s products and especially the success of the implemented projects, generated significant requests for export, the Automatica brand and products reaching over 30 countries, on 5 continents to hundreds of customers. The reliability of the solutions offered,  quality, warranty and professional technical support have created from Automatica a reliable partner, being constantly invited to participate in new innovative projects or to develop existent ones further trough solutions of upgrade and / or extension of the existing capacities.

A very important share of exports had the low voltage distribution panels produced under the Siemens license and the medium voltage cells of 7.2kV, 12kV or 24kV Automatica own brand. These are found in most diverse industries: refining, district heating, hydro, power plants, mining, construction, transformation stations, steel, chemical, agriculture and so on, in the most remote places in the world. However, other products such as control and control rooms, metal structures, weighing and weighing systems or containers and shelters for equipment should not be neglected, some of which are accompanied by automation solutions or integrated into SCADA systems.

Automatica was the first manufacturer in Romania that between the years ’87 -’92 designed and executed a complex SCADA system, for the  mining complex Krivoi Rog’s Pellet Factory (former USSR, today Ukraine).

You can see, in part, our list of references, here.

With the know-how gained in 60 years of experience in national and foreign projects, Automatica SA is a reliable partner for clients in a wide variety of fields. The Automatica team has developed and implemented projects of high technological complexity. An important share in total production is customized solutions, designed according to the specific requirements of the client. These are developed by multidisciplinary teams with specializations in the fields of electrical, mechanical, automation, software programming and more.

Happy Birthday, Automatica!

Shelter analyzer for the petrochemical industry - 2019
Power plant, distribution and motor control center switchgear - 2019
Mining industry, utilities swithgear - 2020
High precision weighing of the materials conveyed
New generation of Automatica metallic fabrications