We’ve moved!


Automatica SA has recently moved its headquarters. However, the return to Bucharest is not on Floreasca Street, which links the history of the company until 2008, but in an emblematic building on Calea Griviţei. At the intersection between Old Bucharest and modern glass buildings, the construction is an example of a handbook on how vanguard architecture can naturally integrate into urban space.

The construction bears the unmistakable signature of the architect Dorin Ștefan and was nominated for the EU Prizes for Contemporary Architecture in 2017 (More information here).

The volume of the spaces is spectacular. Although it is built on four floors, through open spaces, the building encourages team spirit and communication.

For a company that aims to be at the forefront of technology, work in a construction with a daring contemporary architecture can only be a source of inspiration.

Adress: 78A Calea Griviței, Bucharest-1

About the new headquarters in the press: https://www.igloo.ro/grivitei-colt-cu-buzesti/