The control unit SEC-01 type is meant to equip the V2ST type electric trams powered with direct voltage regulator.

The product has a wide range of supply voltage, an extended operating temperature range and is designed especially for the electrical and mechanical stresses of the automotive environment.

One control unit connected to the specialised power stage can be used for only one motor control.

The control unit for direct voltage regulator is entirely made of solid-state devices having a compact and modular construction.

It is possible to use the control unit for other types of trams or other electrical actuation means of transportation.

Basically, the SEC-01 control unit has to generate two pulse-type control signals, for the power stages: driving and breaking, within the power part.

These signals depend on certain external conditions entered in the control unit as digital variables and at a desired speed level, indicated by the vehicle’s operator through a digital hand-controller.