This weighing installation is used to weigh animal carcasses in slaughterhouses. The installation is placed on the transport path of the animal carcasses.

Automatic weighing and calibrating are also available, as the equipment has digital inputs and outputs.

Invoicing and document editing can be controlled from the keyboard, as required by the beneficiary.

If necessary, a local display can be installed, with a 4’’ (approx. 10 cm) digit height.

The equipment allows communication with a central computer.

Technical data
Weighing capacity 300 kg/ 500 kg
Division value 0.1 kg/ 0.5 kg
Weighing precision 1/1000….1/3000
Patent approval EU: DK 0199/47.1
Cell used UTILCELL
Power supply voltage 220 V, +10%, -15%
Rated frequency 50 Hz ± 2%
Maximum consumption power 50 VA
Protection degree Mechanical equipment IP65

Electronic equipment IP54/IP65

Operating conditions
Mounting place Indoor, outdoor
Climatic protection Temperate, tropical
Ambient temperature

  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electronic equipment


-250C … +450C

-100C … +400C