S.C. AUTOMATICA S.A. is a prestigious company, well-known in the Romanian industry, as well as internationally. Founded in 1935 under the name FORD Romania SRL, the company underwent a series of transformations of its name and object of activity.


automatica, poarta


Thus, it has been known as AUTOMATICA since 1960, and in a short time it became the leading company among the other producers in the field of automation equipment and low and medium voltage electrical equipment, offering solutions and products that cater the needs of the Romanian industry, at the same time successfully meeting the requirements of the foreign clients.

automatica, sectia mecanica. sectia electrica, vopsitorie


In the 80's AUTOMATICA had the first certified complex equipment such as: industrial robots, programmable automatic devices, 0,4 kV distribution system withdrawable MCC-M14, MiniMod command boards, etc.

echipamente cernavoda, automate programabile, pupitre de comnada MiniMod


You can find our company's products in every branch of the Romanian industry, respectively: energy, nuclear energy, mining, steel working, chemistry, petro chemistry, transportation, machines constructions, agriculture, food industry, etc.

The Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plant is just one of the successful construction sites Automatica was a part of.
The completion and commissioning of the Command and Central Dispatch Room of Unit no.1 and Unit no. 2 of CNE Cernavodă was accomplished using entirely AUTOMATICA made equipment, providing maximum operating safety and complying with the quality and protection conditions specific to the nuclear field.

cernavoda, centrala nucleara, camera de comanda, CNE