DDC - HVAC Magurele


   Automatica SA had an important contribution to the development and execution of Laser Magurele objective, an objective of strategic scientific importance at national and European level. Thus during this period for this strategic objective in Romania our specialists have designed, developed and implemented the DDC (direct digital control system) for the HVAC installation (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) for both administrative buildings as well as laboratories. A very complex project, among the largest in Europe, which includes Honeywell equipment was conducted in collaboration with the general contractor Strabag, and Elcomex IEA company responsible for assembly and electrical installations. Participation in a project so complex reiterates once again the company's ability to implement latest technologies in the automation Romanian market. Besides our slogan "tradition and quality" known and recognized by our clients, including romanian automation market, Automatica SA provides to customers the newest and best technical solutions each time. These technical solutions are due to the high level of technical training of personnel in Automatica SA and the accumulation of rich technical experience achieved in the 55 years of activity.