Today Automatica is a strong company, with fully private equity, that offers the most varied range of products in the field of automation equipment and low and medium voltage electrical equipment. There is practically no major industrial site in Romania that hasn't benefited of AUTOMATICA's products.


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After 1990, AUTOMATICA maintained its leading position in the field, but in a new organizational form, becoming in 1991 a joint-stock company.

The company maintained its prestige, continuing its activity using modern solutions with the highest level of professionalism, delivering to its clients highly reliable products for a competitive price.

Throughout the years we continuously increased our production, developing our own equipment and technologies with the original contribution of our specialists, recognized for their competence.


„An elite team at your service!“

The experience we accumulated, the professionalism of our staff and the exigent management brought to the company's portfolio international certifications of the quality management system.

Since 1983 the company is authorized by CNCAN for the design and production of electrical and automation equipment for nuclear sites.

The entire quality management system is supported by our own testing laboratories: electrical, metrological and chemical.


Wishing to remain a leading electrical and automation equipment producer, in 2002 AUTOMATICA became a SIEMENS technology partner introducing the license for SIVACON 8PT series multifunctional electrical switchboards.


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Currently, the company has three production sections, separated based on technological and placement criteria, sections, that work together in the production process:  

divizia mecanica, divizia electric, divizii productive, vopsitorie


The Mechanical Section which, due to the equipment it uses insures the completion of high complexity products: industrial weighing and batching systems, mechanical and electromechanical applications.

This section also includes a plate processing line with specialized numerically controlled machine-tools (Trumatic, Trubend, Fadal, Boschert, Safan).


The Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Section produces electrical equipment that also includes devices and components made by renowned producers (Siemens, Eaton, Alstom, ABB, Schneider) in the field, both domestic and foreign, as well as components made within Automatica.


Within this section there is a modern painting installation for plate powder painting in electrostatic field (the installation was made based on a Swiss license).

The Electronic Automation Equipment Department produces automation systems that include electronic equipment (programmable automatic devices, programming boards, etc.).

We are trying to outdo ourselves and in order to do that we invest in our company's team of specialists so they can become the best because our staff is the most priced component of our company.


echipa automatica, specialisti automatica

„Let us provide you with the ideal solution!“

Relying on our team of specialists and our experience we undertake to develop the international business relations and to maintain our leading position on the Romanian market.


„We research, innovate and develop not only products and services, but concepts and ideas!"


New products made by Automatica S.A.:


  1. Indoor medium voltage switchgears (6/12/24kV, 630/1250A) equipped with withdrawable truck and CLP, each with electrical actuation type CDAE800, that allows the automation of the connection and withdrawal of the medium voltage circuit breaker in the switchgear, designed to be used in no staff stations with SCADA operation (Automatica SA is the only Romanian producer).
  2. Medium voltage reactive energy compensation systems (52,8 MVAr bank at Feral Tulcea, 3 MVAr bank for Blaj station, etc.).
  3. AFER certification for alternative current and continuous current low voltage panels for command, supply and signaling for CFR (Romanian Railways Company).
  4. Weighing and batching equipment: NCb-201M multiple electronic beltweighers and weighing and batching installation for alternative fuels ICCA-200.
  5. Design and production of protection and control panels for the 110 kV/ 20 kV/ 6 kV stations, DAS (f+U) automation panels and signaling panels.



Current status

Starting with February 2012, due to the current economic conditions, Automatica SA entered a reorganization process as decided by the Ilfov Courthouse in the file no. 87/93/2012 through the decision of 21.02.2012 and it is currently in judicial reorganization according to the law 85/2006. Once the company's policy changed and due to the continuous efforts made to increase the efficiency, the first results are promising, the company being on its way towards profitability.


S.C. Automatica S.A. issued the financial report for the first semester of 2012 drawn-up in accordance with the CNVM Rules no 1/2006, report available at the following link.