Automatica S.A. is a company with tradition, continuously developing and modernizing, that produces low and medium voltage electrical equipment for the production, transportation, distribution and consumption of electrical energy.

The position Automatica gained in over 50 years of activity on the national and international market is mainly the result of the continuous investments not only in the latest technologies but also in its staff. We are accustomed to setting  and achieving ambitious goals. We owe our results primarily to our team of professionals and to the large investments Automatica has made throughout the years.


Our mission:

      With over 50 years of experience, our company was the pioneer in the automation field in Romania.
      Staying true to the mission it undertook when it was founded, in the 60's, our company wants to provide only the newest, most performing services and products.
      Quality comes first for us, we are constantly trying to create, improve, develop and innovate and it shows in everything we do.


Our vision:

       With over 50 years of experience, our company is performance oriented  

       (through innovation and continuous improvement) and customer oriented (through quality and tailor-made products).


  •      Using new technologies that will keep AUTOMATICA in the lead among the companies in its field.
  •      Developing new competencies in the industrial software field.
  •      Developing the production and increasing the market share.
  •      Continuing and enhancing the business relations with our contractual partners.
  •      Increasing the staff's professional specialization level.
  •      Diversifying the range of products we can provide.