Weighing platform for railway cars


It contains the mechanical equipment (with two different sections, having 10 m, respectively 7 m length), load cells, electronic connecting boxes, measuring electronic equipment and the printer.  Depending on the train cars type, the weighing process can be done on 10 m length section, on 7 m length section or on both of them. Automatic weighing and calibration are also available, as the electronic equipment has digital I/O (inputs/outputs). Invoicing and document editing can be done by a simple command from the keyboard, in the form requested by the beneficiary. The electronic platform is used for railway-cars static weighing, with maximum capacity up to 100 tones.


 Platforma cantarire vagoane tren


Technical data

Weighing capacity

100 t

Division value

50 kg

Weighing precision


Cell used



length : 17m, with two sections of 10 m, respectively 7m

Power supply voltage

220 V +10%, -15%

Rated frequency

50 Hz +/±5%

Max. consumption power

80 VA

Protection degree

mechanical equipment IP 65

electronic equipment IP 54/IP68

Operating conditions

Mounting place


Climatic protection

temperate, tropical

Ambient temperature

  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electronic equipment



-250C ... +750C

-100C ... +450C