Static weighing platform


The static weighing platform can be used wherever it is necessary to weigh products on a platform, locally or with remote control.

In the case of power failure, data is saved and stored. Automatic weighing and calibration are also available, as the equipment has digital I/O (inputs/outputs).

Invoicing and document editing can be done with a simple command from the keyboard, in the form requested by the beneficiary. The equipment allows communication with a central computer.



Platforma statica cantarire


Technical data

Weighing capacity

500 ÷ 10 000 kg

Admissible overload

200 ÷ 400%

Weighing accuracy

10000 ÷ 3000 from OIML

Patent approval

CE: DK 0199.47/1


min. 1x1 m;  max. 3x3 m

Type of used cell


Electronic equipment

FX3G/FX3U Mitsubishi Electric

Power supply voltage

220 V + 10%; - 15%;

Rated frequency

50 Hz ±5 Hz

Maximum power consumption

80 VA

Protection degree

Mechanical equipment: IP65

Electronic equipment: IP65/IP65

Operating conditions

Mounting place

Indoor, outdoor

Climatic protection

Temperate, tropical

Ambient temperature

  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electronic equipment



-250C ... +450C

00C ... +400C