Discontinuous batching installation


The discontinuous batching installation is used wherever batching of various components are needed, in a preset proportion, in accordance with a technological prescription.

Operating modes of the electronic equipment:

- system programming;

- recipe/component programming;

- manual batching;

- automatic batching;

- display testing, inputs, outputs, etc.


Instalatie dozare discontinua


Technical data

Technological batching accuracy

± 0.1%, depending on conditions and flow properties of the materials

Weighing precision

Min. ±0.05%

Cell used


Electronic equipment

AL2; FX1N;F3U Mitsubishi

Power supply voltage

380 V, +10%, -15%

Rated frequency

50 Hz ±2%

Protection degree

Mechanical equipment IP 65

Electronic equipment IP54/ IP65                     

Operating conditions

Mounting place


Climatic protection

Temperate, tropical

Ambient temperature

  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electronic equipment



-250C ... +700C

00C ... +450C