Bunker weighing installation


The bunker weighing installation is used to weigh the material in a bunker or to show its level in the bunker.

The equipment includes a central microprocessor unit and it can operate locally or through remote control.

In the case of power failure, the acquired data is saved and stored.

Automatic weighing and calibrating are also available.


Instalatie cantarire buncar

Technical data

Weighing capacity

depending  on requirements

Weighing accuracy

min. ± 0.05%

Cell used


Patent approval

CE: DK 0199.47/1

Power supply voltage

220 V +10%, -15%

Rated frequency

50 Hz ± 2%

Max. power consumption

80 VA

Protection degree               

Mechanical equipment: IP65

Electronic equipment: IP54, IP65

Operating conditions

Mounting place


Climatic protection

Temperate, tropical

Ambient temperature

  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electronic equipment



-250C ... +750C

00C ... +450C