Cantar totalizator banda


The electronic belt-weighers produced by Automatica SA are designed for the high precision weighing of the materials conveyed on fixed or variable speed conveyor belts.

The operating principle is based on the dynamic weighing with software fragmented and indexed belt that offers the highest achievable precision in industrial applications, in difficult operating conditions.

The weighing is not influenced by the variations in thickness, width or density of the conveyor belt.


The belt-weighers are equipped with operator consoles that insure the visualization of the operating parameters and the entering of the calibration and configuration parameters.

For the essential parameters of the belt-weigher (debit, specific load and belt speed) evolution trends are posted that are very useful in supervising the process evolution.

 Cantar banda

Technical data

Flow range

0,5….4000 t/h

Weighing precision

±1%; ±0,5%; ±0,25% complying with the OIML-R50 conditions

Belt width

500, 650, 800, 1000, 120, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 mm

Weighbridge length

0,8 – 5 m

Cell used


Electronic equipment

FX3G/FX3U Mitsubishi Electric

Power supply voltage

110…264 V c.a.

Rated frequency

50 Hz ± 2 Hz

Maximum consumption power

0,075 kVA

Protection degree

Central electronic equipment: IP65

Local electronic equipment: IP66

Proximity detectors: IP67

Load cell: IP68

Operating conditions

Mounting place

Indoor, outdoor*

Climatic protection

Temperate, tropical

Ambient temperature

  • Central electronic equipment
  • Local electronic equipment
  • Mechanical equipment





Maximum altitude

2000 m


*the indoor mounting is allowed if the influence of the environment factors does not affect the weighing precision (wind, moisture, deposits).

 Cantar banda

The weighing system is adapted to difficult operating conditions (relatively high belt speed, strong vibrations, dust, etc.) having an extremely robust construction.


S.C. Automatica S.A. produces belt-weighers in various constructive versions:


The standard belt-weigher with a single conveyer idler train, CB-201M-ACM-xx

Cantar de banda standard

The belt-weigher with a single conveyer idler train with mechanical adjustment of the base channel CB-201M-ACM-xxx-RA

 Cantar banda cu un tren de role

The belt-weigher with long weighing bridge, CB-201M-ACM-xxx-PL

Cantar banda cu pod lung cantarire

High precision belt-weigher with two conveyer idler trains, CB-201M-ACM-xxx-DS

Cantar banda cu doua trenuri