Bagging installation


The bagging installation can be used wherever granular or powder materials need to be put into 5 kg -1 000 kg bags.

The weighing is done on 1 - 4 load cells. The operation can be local or with remote control.

In the case of power failure, data is saved and stored. Pneumatically driven.


Instalatie insacuire


The batching operation is done by an adjustable speed conveyor worm, in the weighing funnel or in bag. On request, the equipment can be manufactured of food-grade stainless steel.


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Technical data

Weighing capacity (kg)

5; 10; 25; 50; 70 ….1000

Batching accuracy

± 0.5%

Weighing accuracy

min. ± 0.05%

Cell used


Power supply voltage

380 V, ±10%, -15%

Rated frequency

50 Hz ± 2%

Electronic equipment

AL2; FX1N; FX3U; Mitsubishi Electronic

Protection degree

-mechanical equipment IP65

-electronic equipment IP54/ IP65

Operating conditions

Mounting place


Climatic protection

Temperate, tropical

Ambient temperature

  • Mechanical equipment
  • Electronic equipment



-250C ... +700C

00C ... +450C